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Q1.The gas used in discharge tubes for optical  decoration and advertising is-  optical decoration and which gas discharge tubes for the ad is  (a) Carbon dioxide / carbon dioxide  (b) Ammonia / ammonia  (c) Sulphur dioxide / Sulfur dioxide  (d) Neon / Neon Show Answer Ans. (D)  Sol.  The neon gas is used in discharge lamps, tubes and in fluorescent bulbs. Q2.  The formation of glittering colours in thin foam  of soap is the result of which of the following phenomenon-  formation of bright colors in thin foam soap is a result of the event of the following  (a) Reflection and interference / reflection and interference  (b ) Total refraction and dispersion / total refraction and dispersion   (c) Diffraction and dispersion / dissection and dispersion  (d) Polarization and interference / polarization and interference Show Answer Ans. (A)  Sol.  A soap bubble is a very thin sheet of water sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules.  Light is reflected from both the inner