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Solutions for Physics - General Science

Q1. The unit of power is- 
The power unit is- 
(a) Hertz (Hz) 
(b) Volts (Volts) 
(c) Watt (watt) 
(d) Neutrons (neutron) 
S1 Ans. (C)
Sol In the field of Physics watt is the measurement of power, describing the rate at which a particular moment. The SI unit of power is watt, which is equal to joule per second.

Q2. The velocity of wind is measured by: 
The velocity of air is measured as follows: 
(a) Barometer 
(b) Anemometer (Anemometer) 
(c) Hydrometer (Hydrometer) 
(d) Wind Vane (wind van) 
S2 A. (b)
Sol An anemometer

Q3 Match the correct: 
Correctly Match: 
A. Fathometer ( Phthometric ) 1. Atmospheric pressure ( atmospheric pressure ) 
B. Barometer   2. Atmospheric humidity ( Atmospheric humidity ) 
C. Hygrometer   3. Height ( height ) 
D. Altimeter ( Ultimate )   4. Depth of sea ( depth of sea ) 
 A   B   C   D 
(a) 2   3   1   4 
(b) 4   1   2   3 
(c) 4   2   3   1 
(d) 3   1   2   4 
S3 A. (b)
Sol Fathometer is an instrument used to determine the depth of water or a submerged object by means of ultrasound waves. The atmospheric pressure, the atmospheric moisture and the Altimeter is used to measure altitude.

Q4. Force is the product of- 
Force ___ is produced. 
(a) Mass and Velocity (mass and velocity) 
(b) Mass and acceleration (mass and acceleration) 
(c) Weight and Velocity (weight and velocity) 
(d) Weight and acceleration (weight and acceleration) 
S4 A. (b)
Force = Mass × Acceleration = ma

Q5. Which of those pairs is correctly matched? 
Which of the following is the perfect match? 
A. Radium (radium)   1. Alexander Fleming (Alexander Fleming)  
B. Penicillin (Penicillin)   2. Madam Curie (Madam Curie) 
C. X-Ray (X-ray)   3. Edward Jenner (Edward Jenner) 
D. Smallpox ( Smallpox )   4. WK Roentgen (W. K. Röntgen)  
 A   B   C   D 
(a) 2   1   4   3 
(b) 2   3   4   1 
(c) 3 4   1   2 
(d) 4   1   2   3 
S5 Ans. (A)
Sol Radium is a chemical element discovered by Marie Curie and her husband Pierre Curie.Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming X-ray was discovered by William Roentgen. Edward Jenner is well known around the world for his innovative contribution to immunization and the ultimate eradication of smallpox.

Q6. While travelling by plane, the ink of the fountain pen starts to come out- 
When traveling by plane, the ink-containing pen's ink starts coming out- 
(a) Due to decrease in air pressure (due to lack of air pressure) 
(b) Due to increase in air pressure (due to increase in air pressure) 
(c) Due to increase in volume of ink (due to increase in the amount of ink) 
(d) Due to excessive load (due to excessive weight) 
S6 Ans. (A)
Sol The fountain pen leak at high altitudes It is called low air pressure.

Q7 While floating in a sea what is an iceberg is the surface of the sea? 
Which part of a iceberg is floating above sea level while swimming in a sea? 
(a) 1/9 
(b) 1/3 
(c) 1/6 
(d) 1/4 
S7 Ans. (A)
Sol When the pure water changes in the ice at 4 ° C, the density of ice so formed is 1 / 9th of the density of water. Therefore, in pure water, 90% part of the water Sea water has high salty water but the ice formed by it is pure and not salty. So option (a) is correct

Q8. The National Science Day 'was observed on 
'National Science Day' is celebrated: 
(a) January, 28 
(b) February, 28 
(c) March, 28 
(d) April, 28 
S8 A. (b)
Sol.National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28 February every year to mark the discovery of Raman effect by Indian physicist CVRaman on 28 February 1928.

Q9. Which one has the highest power? 
Which of the following is the most energy? 
(a) Blue light 
(b) Green light (green light) 
(c) Red light (red light) 
(d) Yellow light 
S9 Ans. (A) 
Sol Energy α1 / (wave length)
The energy of any of the color is inversely proportional to its wavelength. According to the VIBGYOR violet, Indigo and blue have the minimum wavelength, thus they have maximum energy level. So according to the options given in the question, blue is the maximum energy

Q10. Light is made of seven colors What is the method of separating the colors? 
The light is made of seven colors, what is the method of separating the colors? 
(a) The colors can be separated by a prism (colors can be separated by a prism) 
(b) The colors can be separated by a filter (colors can be done by a filter.) 
(c) The colors can be separated by plants (colors can be separated from plants) 
(d) The colors can not be separated (Colors can not be separated.) 
S10 Ans. (A)
Sol Colors could be separated by using a prism.

Q11. In which wet clothes will dry the earliest? 
Under which of the following conditions will wet clothes dry out at the earliest? 
(a) 100% RH, 60 ° C temperature (100% RH, 60 degree Celsius temperature) 
(b) 100% RH, 20 ° C temperature (100% RH, 20 degree Celsius temperature) 
(c) 20% RH, 20 ° C temperature (20% RH, 20 degree Celsius temperature) 
(d) 20% RH, 60 ° C temperature (20% RH, 60 degree Celsius temperature) 
S11 A. (d)
Sol The wetest weather Thus according to options given in question, option (d) will dry the wet clothes earliest

Q12. In the night wind blows fast, dew is not formed because 
Wind blows fast in the night, dew is not made because: 
(a) Rate of evaporation is fast (Evaporation rate is high.) 
(b) Moisture in air is low (Humidity in the air decreases.) 
(c) Temperature is high (Temperature is high.) 
(d) Sky is not clear (Sky is not clear.) 
S12 Ans. (A)
Sol Dew is not formed on the night of strong wind Thus, the particles of the dew tend to evaporate.

Q13. In an earthen pitcher, the water remains cold due to the process of 
In the clay pit, which process is water cooled? 
(a) Condensation 
(b) Evaporation 
(c) Sublimation (distillation) 
(d) None of the above (None of the above) 
S13. A. (b)
Sol The water remains cold in a pitcher because of a physical process known as evaporation, when liquid changes to a gaseous state without boiling, it is known as evaporation.

Q14. The velocity of sound in the air is almost- 
The velocity of sound in the air is approx. 
(a) 10 km / sec 
(b) 10 mile / min 
(c) 330 m / sec. 
(d) 3 × 1010 / sec. 
S14 Ans. (C)
Sol The Velocity of sound in air is 330m / sec.

Q15. A wire with black insulation during electric supply is- 
There is a wire with black insulation during the power supply- 
(a) Live wire 
(b) Earth wire 
(c) Neutral wire (neutral wire) 
(d) Fuse wire (fuse wire) 
S15 Ans. (C)
Sol The electric power line reaches our house through three wires namely a live wire, neutral wire, and earth wire. To avoid confusion we follow a color code for insulating these wires. The red wire is a live wire, and the black wire is neutral. The earth wire has given green plastic insulation.

Q1. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is located in- 
The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is located- 
(a) Bangalore (Bangalore) 
(b) Kolkata (Kolkata) 
(c) Delhi (Delhi) 
(d) Mumbai (Mumbai) 
S1 A. (d) 
Sol Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, which was founded on 1st June 1945 with the support of the Sir Dorabji Tata. It is located in Mumbai

Q2. Much discussed 'God particle' is- 
There is 'God Particle' which is very much discussed in the discussion. 
(a) Neutrino (neutrinos) 
(b) Leptons (Leipton) 
(c) Higgs boson (Higgs bosan) 
(d) Mesons 
S2 Ans. (C) 
Sol The Higgs Boson is an elementary particle in the standard model of particle physics. In the mainstream media, The Higgs Boson has been named as "God particle". 

Q3 'The National Science Day' was observed on 
'National Science Day' is celebrated: 
(a) January, 28 
(b) February, 28 
(c) March, 28 
(d) April, 28 
S3 A. (b) 
Sol In 1930, CV Raman was the first non-white, Asian and Indian to the Nobel Prize in Physics for the work on scattering of light and discovery of Raman Effect Every year 28th February is celebrated as National Science Day. It is on the same day in 1928 he discovered 'Raman Effect' 

Q4. Match the following 
Match the following: 
A. John Guttenberg   1. Telephone 
A. John Gutenberg 1. Telephone 
BWK Roentgen   2. Printing Press 
B. W. K. Röntgen 2. Printing Press 
C. Michael Faraday   3. X-Ray 
C. Michael Faraday 3. X-ray 
D. Alexander Graham Bell   4. Dynamo 
D. Alexander Graham Bell 4. Dynamo 
A   B   C   D 
(a) 1   2   3   4 
(b) 2   3   1   4 
(c) 3   4   1   2 
(d) 2   3   4   1 
S4 A. (d) 
Sol The correct matched options is given below: 

John Guttenberg - Printing Press 

John Roentgen - X-ray 

Michael Faraday - Dynamo 

Alexander Graham Bell - telephone 

Q5. Which rocket propellant- 
Which of these rockets is not used as propellant? 
(a) Liquid Hydrogen (Liquid Hydrogen) 
(b) Liquid Oxygen (Liquid Oxygen) 
(c) Liquid hydrazine (hydrazene) 
(d) All of the above (All of the above) 
S5 A. (d) 
Sol According to the options given

Q6. The 'Black Box' is a Aeroplane 
There is a 'black box' of a plane: 
(a) White color (white color) 
(b) Red color (red color) 
(c) Black color (black color) 
(d) Orange color (orange color) 
S6 A. (d) 
Sol The black boxes are actually painted with a heat-resistant bright orange color in order to make them crash. 

Q7 Computer Literacy Day was observed on: 
Computer Literacy Day is celebrated: 
(a) 16th August 
(b) 2nd Dec 
(c) 5th June 
(d) 24th October 
S7 A. (b) 
Sol World computer literacy day is celebrated on 2nd December. 

Q8. Cyber ​​crime is: 
Cyber ​​crime is: 
(a) Hacking (hacking) 
(b) Stalking (pursuit) 
(c) Denial of service attacks (Prevention of services) 
(d) All of the above (All of the above) 
S8 A. (d) 
Sol Hacking, stalking and denial of service attacks are considered as a cyber crime. 

Q9. In microwave oven, the microwave tube used is- 
In the microwave oven, the microwave tube is used- 
(a) A combination of klystron and magnetron tubes (a combination of cluster and magnetron tubes) 
(b) Klystron tube (Cluster tube) 
(c) Magnetron tube (Magnetron tube) 
(d) Traveling wave tube (transmission waveform tube) 
S9 Ans. (C) 
Sol The Magnetron tube is a high-powered vacuum tube which is used to produce high microwave energy. 

Q10. Which one of the following is used as a nuclear reactor? 
Which of the following is used as a moderator in a nuclear reactor? 
(a) Thorium (Thorium) 
(b) Graphite (graphite) 
(c) Radium (radium) 
(d) Ordinary water (ordinary water) 
S10 A. (b) 
Sol Many of the nuclear reactors use graphite as a moderator. Graphite is not as effective as heavy water, but it is cheap and it also has a low degree of neutron capture like heavy water. 

Q11. The Indira Gandhi Atomic Research Center is located in 
Indira Gandhi Atomic Research Center is located: 
(a) Maharashtra (Maharashtra) 
(b) Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu) 
(c) Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) 
(d) Karnataka (Karnataka) 
S11 A. (b) 
Sol Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research (IGCAR) was established in the year 1971 at 
Kalpakkam (Tamilnadu), under the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. 

Q12. Photovoltaic cells are: 
Photovoltaic cells are: 
(a) Solar cells (solar cells) 
(b) Thermal cells (thermal cells) 
(c) Sulfur cells (Sulfur cells) 
(d) Molar cells 
S12 Ans. (A) 
Sol The conversion of light energy into electricity is based on phenomenon called photovoltaic effect. A photovoltaic cell is the basic unit of the system where the photovoltaic effect is used to produce electricity from light energy. Silicon is the most widely used semiconductor material for construction photovoltaic cell. 

Q13. Which of the following is a semiconductor? 
Which of the following is a semiconductor? 
(a) Plastic (plastic) 
(b) Aluminum (Aluminum) 
(c) Wood (wood) 
(d) Germanium (Germanium) 
S13. A. (d) 
Sol Germanium and silicon are semiconductor materials. 

Q14. What gases are filled in fluorescent tube? 
Which gases are filled in fluorescent tubes? 
(a) Neon (Neon) 
(b) Sodium (Sodium) 
(c) Mercury (Mercury) 
(d) Mercury and neon (Mercury and Neon) 
S14 A. (d) 
Sol Fluorescent lamps are filled with the low pressure gases, especially Mercury and noble gases like Argon, Neon, Xenon and Krypton. 

Q15. Full form of CFL is- 
Cfl The complete form of- 
(a) Compact Fluorescent Lamp 
(b) Centrally fixed Lamp 
(c) Chemical Fluorescent Lamp 
(d) Condensed Fluorescent Lamp 
S15 Ans. (A) 
Sol CFL is short for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFL uses significantly less energy than traditional light bulbs (75% less). 

Fluorimeter measure Uranium in water
Mango showers is the name of  Pre-Monsoon Rainfall
The Potassium graphite and Calcium Graphite can be mostly used as Superconductors