The Universe

The smallest planet in the solar system is
Answer : C. Mercury
A meteor is
Answer : B. a piece of matter which has entered the earth's atmosphere from outer space
The colour of a star is an indication of its
Answer : D. temperature
One astronomical Unit is the average distance between the
Answer : A. Earth and the Sun
Day and night are the result of
Answer : A. earth's rotation around itself
Hubble' is
Answer : C. A space telescope

Which one of the following is correctly matched?
Answer : B. Venus - Brightest planet
Which is not a terrestrial planet having hard surface?
Answer : A. Jupiter
The solar eclipse achieves totality only in limited geographical regions because
Answer : A. the size of the shadow of the moon on the earth is small compared to the cross section of the earth
The angle between the moon and the sun would be ____________when measured from earth on a half-moon light
Answer : C. 90o
When does a lunar eclipse occur?
Answer : B. when the earth comes between the sun and the moon
The planet near to the sun
Answer : C. Mercury
The distance between the earth and the sun is maximum when the earth is in
Answer : B. aphelion
why the tail of a comet is directed away from the sun?
Answer : C. The radiation emitted by the sun exerts a radial pressure on the comet throwing its tail away from the sun
Match List I correctly with List II and select your answer using the codes given below:
List IList II
a) Mars1) A planet with prominent rings around it
b) Mercury2) Planet farthest from the sun
c) Neptune3) Planet closest to the sun
d) Saturn4) Red Planet
Answer : C. 4 3 2 1
The solar system belongs the galaxy called
Answer : B. Milky way
A lunar eclipse occurs when
Answer : B. the earth comes between the sun and the moon
A solar eclipse occurs when
Answer : B. the moon comes between the sun and the earth
Consider the following statements: 
A person in a spaceship located half way between the earth and the sun will notice that the ___________ 
i) sky is jet black 
ii) stars do not twinkle 
iii) Temperature out side the spaceship is much higher than that on the surface of the earth
Answer : D. I,II and III are correct
Small bodies from interplanetary space when enter into our atmosphere become luminous. These are called
Answer : B. Meteors
Consider the following statements: 
Assertion (A ): We see only one side of the moon all the time
Reason (R ): Unlike the earth,the moon does not rotate on its axis
Answer : A. A is true , but R is false
sun spots are
Answer : D. the magnetic stroms on the surface of the sun
Consider the following statements:
Assertion (A): the brightest planet in the solar system is venus. 
Reason(R ): It is very close to sun. select your answer
Answer : C. A is true, but R is false
Which is the correct order of planet from sun
Answer : C. Venus, Mars,Jupiter,Uranus
Halley's comet moves in __________ path in its orbit around the earth
Answer : C. an elliptical
Lunar eclipse occur
Answer : A. on a full-moon day


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