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What is the difference between a chromosome and a gene ?

GENE :- 
gene is a locus (or region) of DNA that encodes a functional RNA or protein product, and is the molecular unit of heredity. The transmission ofgenes to an organism's offspring is the basis of the inheritance of phenotypic traits.

Chromosomes are thread-like structures located inside the nucleus of animal and plant cells. Each chromosome is made of protein and a single molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Passed from parents to offspring, DNA contains the specific instructions that make each type of living creature unique.

Basically gene is a segment of DNA and a chromosome contains many genes.
A gene is segment of DNA which can code for a single protein, polypeptide or more than one polypeptide. But the DNA is typically too long to accomodate in a cell. Hence it needs to be coiled, supercoiled! The supercoiling of DNA leads to the formation of chromatin material (in eukaryotes) with the help of different protiens. At the time of cell division this chromatin condemses further to give rise chromosomes for duplication and segregation.

A human cell has 46 chromosomes in its nucleus. These are extra visible during mitosis or meiosis[1]. The 46 chromosomes share traits with a partner chromosome. Therefore we usually refer to 23 pairs of chromosomes. One in each pair has herited traits[2] from the father and the other from the mother.
This is where genes comes into play. Each and every one of the chromosomes consist of DNA, wich again has genes. A gene is a defined part of DNA. And since chromosomes are DNA curled around proteins, genes are small parts of a chromosome.
While a chromosome codes for many traits, a gene is a very defined part; a part of a chromosome. Genes code for one trait possibly shown in the phenotype. How they do that is by containing information on how the cell can produce a protein.
Chormosomes code for many proteins, thereby having information about several traits. Traits can be shown in the phenotype, according to dominance of the genes. Genetic Dominance: Genotype-Phenotype Relationships
Genes code for a single protein. They have information for one trait.
Imagine this could be a code of a gene containing information about one protein

Gene is a specific sequence of DNA which directs specific protein synthesis.
The whole DNA is wrapped with histones to form chromosome. In otherwords chromosome is a nucleoprotein = nuclei acid(DNA)+ protein (histone)

What is the difference between a chromosome and a gene
What is the difference between a chromosome and a gene