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ssc science one liner 1

1. Analgesics is the drug used to get pain relief in muscles.
2. Keratin is the protein found in human hair.
3. The chicory powder which is mixed with coffee powder is obtained from roots of the plant.
4. The ability to distinguish two closely placed objects is called Resolving Power.
5. Myology is concerned with the study of the structure, diseases and disorders of muscles
6. Viruses do not have their own cellular structures and so they lack their own enzymes too.
7. Mitochondria cell organelle is present in both plants and animals cell.
8. Arrangement of leaves in a plant is termed as Phyllotaxy.
9. Hydraulic brakes used in automatic vehicles is a direct virtual application of Pascal’s law.
10. Graphite is used as moderator in atomic reactor.
11. ‘Hydrochloric acid’ is also known as ‘Muriatic Acid’.
12. Xerophytic plants exhibit a diversity of specialized adaptations to survive in water-limiting
13. Pituitary Gland secrets growth hormone.
14. Boron that is capable of absorbing many neutrons without themselves fissioning is used as
control rods in Atomic reactor.
15. Nitroglycerin is used for the preparation of dynamite.
16. Heliophytes are the type of trees which are also called sun
loving trees.
17. John Harrison invented Chronometer.
18. Endoplasmic Reticulum are rough because of ribosomes
present on their surface.
19. The distance between a crest and a consecutive trough in a transverse wave is half of the wavelength.
20. Maxwell is CGS unit of Magnetic flux of the material.

1. The distance between a crest and a consecutive trough in a transverse wave is half of the wavelength.

2. Arrangement of leaves in a plant is termed as Phyllotaxy.

3. Boron that is capable of absorbing many neutrons without themselves fissioning is used as control rods in Atomic reactor

Q1. The material used in the 
construction of a transistor is :
(a) Aluminum / Aluminum 
(b) Copper / Copper 
(c) Silicon / Silicon 
(d) Silver / Silver)
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Ans. (C) 
Sol.The fabrication of the transistor is the process of making the transistor that used in electrical and electronics circuits. Transistors are made from pure silicon or germanium, but certain other semiconductor materials can also be used.

Q2. In which of the following releases? 
Which of the following process emits energy? 
(a) Respiration / Respiratory 
(b) Photosynthesis / Photosynthesis 
(c) Ingestion / Grass 
(d) Absorption / Absorption
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Ans. (A) 
Sol. Respiration is released

Q3 If a boy is sitting in a train, which is moving at a constant velocity, a ball will - 
if a boy is sitting in a train, which is constantly running at velocity, and by one To throw the ball directly into the air, then the ball -
(a) fall in front of him / falls in front of him 
(b) fall behind him / falls behind him 
(c) Fall in hand / fall into the hands 
(d) None of the above / None of the above
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Ans. (C) 
Sol.If a boy is sitting in a train, which is moving at a constant velocity, the ball will fall in his hand.

Q4. A person is hurt on kicking a stone due to kicking a stone; A person is hurt due to 
(a) Inertia / Inertia 
(b) Velocity / Velocity 
(c) Reaction / Reaction 
(d) Momentum / Momentum
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Answer (c) 
Sol.A person is hurt on Kicking a stone due to reaction Here the Newton third law of motion is applied which states that every action is equal and opposite reaction.

Q5. For a body moving with non-uniform acceleration - for 
growing body with non-uniform acceleration-
(a) Displacement-time graph is linear / displacement time graph is linear 
(b) Displacement-time graph is non-linear / displacement time The graph is non-linear 
(c) Velocity-time graph is non-linear / velocity-time graph is non-linear 
(d) Velocity-time graph is linear / velocity-time graph is linear

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Ans. (C) 
Sol.For a body moving with non-uniform acceleration, the velocity-time graph is linear.

Q6. Static science is associated with- Stagnant  
Science (Static Science) is related to? 
(a) Dynamic position / dynamic position 
(b) Situation of rest / rest condition 
(c) Mental situation / mental condition 
(d) Data analysis / data analysis
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Ans. (B) 
Sol. Statics is a branch of mechanics

Q7 The color of the star is an indication of its 
(a) Distance from the Earth / Distance from Earth 
(b) Temperature / Temperature 
(c) Luminosity / Brightness 
(d) Distance from the sun / sun distance
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Ans. (B) 
Sol. The color of the stars reflects the age of stars. Color is reflected from the temperature is high, then the star is young. The star will be blue during young stage which indicates high temperature. If the star is low 

Q8. Power of sunglass is- 

The power of sunglasses  is:
(a) 0 Dioptre 
(b) 1 Dioptre 
(c) 2 Dioptre 
(d) 4 Dioptre
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Ans. (A) 
Sol. The power of the sunglass is 0 dioptre

Q9. For shaving, one uses- for  
shaving, ___________ should be used -
(a) Concave mirror / concave mirror 
(b) Plain mirror / plane mirror 
(c) Convex mirror / convex mirror 
(d) None of these No one
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Ans. (A) 
Sol. People use a concave mirror for shaving because when a man is standing between the principal focus and pole of a concave mirror, he sees as enlarged, the erect and virtual image of his face.

Q10. Which of the following is the lens? 
Which of the following lenses is used to reduce miopia? 
(a) Convex lens / convex lens 
(b) Concave lens / interval lens 
(c) Cylindrical lens / cylindrical lens 
(d) None of these / None of these
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Ans. (B) 
Sol. A concave lens is used to remove the defect of myopia. 

Q11. When beams of red, blue and green  lights fall on the same spot, the colour of the light becomes: 
When falling in one place red, blue and green lights that beam, becomes light color:
(A ) Violet / Purple 
(b) Red / Red 
(c) Yellow / Yellow 
(d) White / White
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Ans. (D) 
Sol. The red, green and blue are referred to as primary colors If we add the pair of primary colors

Q12. The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to - The oil in the 
bottom of the lamp of an oil grows up due to which -
(a) Capillary action / capillary action 
(b) Low viscosity of oil / low viscosity of oil 
( c) Gravitational force / gravitational force 
(d) Pressure difference / Pressure difference
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Ans. (A) 
Sol.The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up an example of capillary action.

Q13. The working of a rocket is based on the principle of - 
based on the work whose theory of rocket -
(A) Conservation Of Momentum / speed Protection 
(b) Conservation of mass / mass conservation 
(c) of Conservation of energy / energy Protection 
(d) Conservation of angular momentum / protection of angular momentum
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Ans. (A) 
Sol.The working principle of rocket is conservation of momentum.

Q14. Which of the following phenomena of the optics makes the endoscopy capable of examining the internal organs such as abdomen? 
Which of the following optics phenomena? 
(a) Interference / interface 
(b) Total Internal Reflection / total internal reflection 
(c) Diffraction / diffraction 
(d) Scattering / dispersion
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Ans. (B) 
Sol. Total Internal Reputation

Q15. A bomb at rest explosions. The total momentum of all the fragments - 
a bomb placed in a steady state explodes in several small pieces. The total speed of all the pieces will be -
(a) is zero / zero 
(b) depends on the total mass of all fragments / total pieces of all the pieces 
(c) depends on the speeds of different fragments / various pieces Depends on the speed of 
(d) is infinity / infinity
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Ans. (A) 
Sol. When bomb explosion is the total momentum of all particle fragments.

 Weight of a person at a height of 2R from the center of the earth, where R is the radius of the earth _______. 
If R is the radius of the Earth, then the weight of a person at the height of 2R from the center of the Earth will be _______. 
(a) remains same / same 
(b) gets half / half 
(c) becomes twice / twice 
(d) becomes onefourth / one quarter
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S9. Years. (D)

How to measure specific gravity of milk? 
How can we measure the specific gravity of milk? 
(a) Using a viscometer / using a viscometer 
(b) Using an odometer / using an odometer 
(c) Using a hygrometer / using an ardermeter 
(d) Using a hydrometer / using a hydrometer
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S10. Ans.(d)
Sol.A hydrometer or areometer is an instrument that measures the specific gravity (relative density) of liquids—the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water.