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A Blood clots form when there is damage to the lining of a blood vessel, either an artery or a vein.Blood flows out from that point of injury.Immediately,the blood changes into jelly like substance called plasma.Plasma is separated,jelly like structure is known as clot and the mechanism as coagulation.This protects further blood flow.
At the injured point,a protein named lipoprotein comes out and liberate injured thrombocyte phosphiolipids which combines with Ca2+ and plasma forms enzyme prothrombin. Promothrombinase is the presence of Ca2+ ions changes the inactive prothrombin into active thrombin.Thrombin changes the soluble fibonitrogen into insoluble fibrin.As soon as the fibrin comes in contact with outer environment,it converts into thread like network.In this fibrin network the corpuscles entangles and blood flow stops and blood at that place clot ,it is called blood clot.