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letter 5

Formal Letter to Health Officer 

27 June 2017,
Medical Officer,
Civil Lines, 
Jaipur - 302654
Subject: Opening a medical center in Kamolar
I am a resident of Kamolar. Kamolar has a population of nearly ten thousand, still there is no medical center in the area.The nearest center is 15 km far from our area. So, residents of our area have to travel a long distance for checkup and treatment. It becomes more difficult for those who don't have their own vehicle as frequency of public transport is very low in our area.
Public representatives have been brought to notice about this issue multiple times. They only gave assurance, but no step was taken towards it.
You are, therefore, requested to take a noble step towards opening a medical center in our area. Appointment of a lady doctor will be a great relief to women especially for expecting mothers of our area.
Thanking You.
Yours faithfully,