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business terms

  • An attestation that the client financial statement is accurate is known as - financial audit 
  • horizontal merge is where two or more companies from the same industry  merge  
  • Red circle rate is a - HR term used to denote when the employee is over paid  
  • ERP -Stands for Enterprise resource planning 
  • opening balance -is a term used for balance brought at the beginning of a new accounting period 
  • proforma invoice - where buyer and supplier agree on the product detail and cost to be shipped to buyer 
  • economic determinism -is concept that all social and political change is determined by the economic force of demand and supply
  • QMS - stands for quality management system
  • an unexpected sales opportunity that has a high chance of turning into profitable business known as - blue bird
  • what makes a company different from competitors  - unique selling points 
  • difference between buying and selling price known as - gross margin 
  • back to back loan is also known as -  parallel loan
  • a group of investment bank that act together for a specific purpose , such as to underwrite an ipo or to loan money to a borrower is known as - banking syndicate      
  • the journal who has the list of the company's nominal account is known as nominal account is known as - nominal ledger